IPL Prediction 2022

IPL Prediction 2021:- Hello Dear IPL fans, Welcome to the IPL Bhavishyavani Prediction Website. I hope your last IPL season was good, and I also wish that this IPL season will be good for you. So are you searching for the best prediction report for IPL 2021? Here you will get the best and perfect results for IPL prediction 2021. Last year, We provided the best and most accurate prediction for our visitors that was 100% correct.

So like every year we and our team has come back again to provide accurate prediction for our visitors in IPL 2021. After reading this all, You must be thinking about how you can provide perfect and accurate predictions to us. So don’t stress your mind, and be relaxed. We have a team that first analysis all the fact, compare the team performance in all IPL season, and then we provide you best prediction. I wish you were enjoying the article, and you must have understood the information given by me.

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Today IPL Match Winner Prediction

IPL Prediction 2022

On 18 February, The IPL auction 2022 happened. In which many players are released from the team according to their last season’s performance. Some players are maintained in the team, and then IPL auction 2022 started. All the owners of the teams retained, sold, and unsold some players, and make the squad for IPL 2022.

Last season was happened in UAE due to Coronavirus. But this year BCCI announced that the IPL 2021 will start in the month of April in India. This is good news for all IPL fans and lovers. You can watch the IPL on Hotstar. Enjoy this season with your best teams, best players, and best matches of IPL 2022. I hope, I am not boring to you.

IPL Bhavishyavani Prediction Website provides you with all the updates related to IPL 2022. We always provide perfect information about IPL and IPL all teams. So keep visiting our website IPL Bhavishyavai Prediction and get the all & latest information about IPL Prediction 2021.

IPL All Match Prediction – Who Will Win Today IPL Match Prediction

IPL Prediction 2021

Do you want to know today’s IPL match prediction 2022? So we are providing you with a list of all IPL matches that will start in April Month. In this list, we will provide you with the prediction of every day’s matches. Please wait for the list till I upload it.

March 26, SaturdayCSK vs KKR7:30 PM MumbaiKKR
March 27, SundayDC vs MI3:30 PM MumbaiDC
March 27, SundayPBKS vs RCB7:30 PM Navi MumbaiPBKS
March 28, MondayGT vs LSG7:30 PM MumbaiGT
March 29, TuesdaySRH vs RR7:30 PM PuneRR
March 30, WednesdayRCB vs KKR7:30 PM Navi MumbaiRCB
March 31, Thursday LSG vs CSK7:30 PM MumbaiLSG
April 1, FridayKKR vs PBKS7:30 PM MumbaiKKR
April 2, SaturdayMI vs RR3:30 PM Navi MumbaiRR
April 2, SaturdayGT vs DC7:30 PM PuneGT
April 3, SundayCSK vs PBKS7:30 PM MumbaiPBKS
April 4, MondaySRH vs LSG7:30 PM Navi MumbaiLSG
April 5, TuesdayRR vs RCB7:30 PM MumbaiRCB
April 6, WednesdayKKR vs MI7:30 PM PuneKKR
April 7, ThursdayLSG vs DC7:30 PM Navi MumbaiLSG
April 8, FridayPBKS vs GT7:30 PM MumbaiGT
April 9, Saturday CSK vs SRH3:30 PMNavi MumbaiSRH
April 9, Saturday RCB vs MI7:30 PM MumbaiRCB
April 10, SundayKKR Vs DC3:30 PM MumbaiDC
April 10, SundayRR vs LSG7:30 PM ChennaiRR
April 11, Monday SRH vs GT7:30 PM Navi MumbaiSRH
April 12, TuesdayCSK vs RCB7:30 PM Navi MumbaiCSK
April 13, WednesdayMI vs PBKS7:30 PM PunePBKS
April 14, Thursday RR vs GT7:30 PM Navi MumbaiGT
April 15, FridaySRH Vs KKR7:30 PM MumbaiSRH
April 16, SaturdayMI vs LSG3:30 PM Navi MumbaiLSG
April 16, SaturdayDC vs RCB7:30pmMumbaiRCB
April 17, SundayPBKS vs SRH3:30pmNavi MumbaiSRH
April 17, SundayGT vs CSK7:30pmPuneGT
April 18, MondayRR vs KKR7:30pmMumbaiRR
April 19, TuesdayLSG vs RCB7:30pmNavi MumbaiRCB
April 20, WednesdayDC vs PBKS7:30pmMumbaiDC
April 21, ThursdayMI vs CSK7:30pmNavi MumbaiCSK
April 22, FridayDC vs RR7:30pmPuneRR
April 23, SaturdayKKR vs GT3:30pmNavi MumbaiGT
April 23, SaturdayRCB vs SRH7:30pmMumbaiSRH
April 24, SundayLSG vs MI7:30pmMumbaiLSG
April 25, MondayPBKS vs CSK7:30pmMumbaiPBKS
April 26, TuesdayRCB vs RR7:30pmPuneRR
April 27, WednesdayGT vs SRH7:30pmMumbaiGT
April 28, ThursdayDC vs KKR7:30pmMumbaiDC
April 29, FridayPBKS vs LSG7:30pmPuneLSG
April 30, SaturdayGT vs RCB3:30pmMumbaiGT
April 30, SaturdayRR vs MI7:30pmNavi MumbaiMI
May 1, SundayDC vs LSG3:30pmMumbaiLSG
May 1, SundaySRH vs CSK7:30pmPuneCSK
May 2, MondayKKR vs RR7:30pmMumbaiKKR
May 3, TuesdayGT vs PBKS7:30pmNavi MumbaiPBKS
May 4, WednesdayRCB vs CSK7:30pmPuneRCB
May 5, ThursdayDC vs SRH7:30pmMumbaiDC
May 6, FridayGT vs MI7:30pmMumbaiMI
May 7, SaturdayPBKS vs RR3:30pmMumbaiRR
May 7, SaturdayLSG vs KKR7:30pmPuneLSG
May 8, SundaySRH vs RCB3:30pmMumbaiRCB
May 8, SundayCSK vs DC7:30pmNavi MumbaiCSK
May 9, MondayMI vs KKR7:30pmNavi MumbaiKKR
May 10, TuesdayLSG vs GT7:30pmPuneGT
May 11, WednesdayRR vs DC7:30pmNavi MumbaiDC
May 12, ThursdayCSK vs MI7:30pmMumbaiMI
May 13, FridayRCB vs PBKS7:30pmMumbaiPBKS
May 14, SaturdayKKR vs SRH7:30pmPuneKKR
May 15, SundayCSK vs GT3:30pmMumbaiGT
May 15, SundayLSG vs RR7:30pmMumbaiRR
May 16, MondayPBKS vs DC7:30pmNavi MumbaiDC
May 17, TuesdayMI vs SRH7:30pmMumbaiSRH
May 18, WednesdayKKR vs LSG7:30pmNavi MumbaiLSG
May 19, ThursdayRCB vs GT7:30pmMumbaiRCB
May 20, FridayRR vs CSK7:30pmMumbaiRR
May 21, SaturdayMI vs DC7:30pmMumbaiCheck Here
May 22, SundaySRH vs PBKS7:30pmMumbaiUpdated Soon
May 24, TuesdayQUALIFIER 17:30pmKolkataUpdated Soon
May 25, WednesdayELIMINATOR 7:30pmKolkataUpdated Soon
May 27, FridayQUALIFIER 27:30pmAhmedabadUpdated Soon
May 29, SundayFINAL7:30pmAhmedabadUpdated Soon

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FAQs About IPL 2021

Will IPL 2022 happen in India?

Yes, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) announced that the 15 seasons of IPL 2022 will happen in the month of April in India.

What is the Date of IPL 2022?

However, BCCI has announced that IPL 2022will be played in the month of April. But the match schedule has not yet been released by the BCCI, and no date has been announced by the BCCI for IPL 2022 season 15.

Is Suresh Raina Playing in IPL 2022?

Yes, Suresh Raina will be playing this season of IPL 2022. We know very well that last season of IPL, Suresh Raina was out of the Chennai Super Kings team due to some emergency. But finally, Raina is back in the CSK team again.

Is MS Dhoni Playing in Season 15 of IPL 2021?

Yes, Like every year MS Dhoni will be playing season 15 of IPL 2022. Once again, MS come back again with the strongest team of IPL Chennai Super Kings.

Who is the KING of IPL?

Mahendra Singh Dhoni i.e. MS Dhoni is considered the king of IPL. Because he is one of the most successful captains of the IPL format not only in the world. His dedication and cool captaining make him one of the most successful teams in the Chennai Super Kings IPL


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