IPL 2021: Dream11 Team Bhavishyavani Prediction

Dream11 Team Bhavishyavani Prediction IPL 2021 -: Hey guys! Welcome to our website. Are you looking for Dream11 Team Bhavishyavani Prediction IPL 2021, Then you are on the right spot here we will provide you IPL dream 11 team prediction. This is a verified and most trusted website of Indian Premier League Predictions. IPL is one of the biggest Cricket tournaments in the world. IPL is scheduled between 9th April and 30th May 2021.

BCCI has announced that the 14th Season of the Indian Premier League will be played in India. If we talk about the previous season of IPL then it was quite different from this year. 2019 edition of IPL was played in UAE. Last year sponsor of IPL was Dream 11. That’s why it was called Dream11 IPL last Year. And according to rumors, it was somehow confirmed that the IPL 2020 will also play in UAE.

But they were just rumored BCCI confirmed that the Indian Premier League 2021 will be played in India and Vivo has also returned as sponsorship owner of the Indian Premier League. This is very satisfying news for fans who want to see their favorite teams and player on their home ground. But the most confusing question was the removal of Dream 11 from the sponsorship of IPL. Vivo has sponsorship of IPL for over so many years. Last year Dream 11 became the new sponsor of the Indian Premier League. But now Dream 11 was removed from the sponsor and BCCI was looking for a new sponsor. And Vivo returned as Sponsor of IPL 2021.

Dream11: Cricket Fantasy App

Dream11 is one of the best cricket fantasy apps of all time. This is the most popular application during the Indian Premier League. Dream 11 rises during every season of IPL this year too. This is so famous it got last year’s sponsorship of IPL. Dream 11 became last year’s sponsor of IPL. But this year Vivo replaces this as sponsorship owner.

Dream 11 provides a very unique and best interface for cricket fans. With Dream 11 you can make your own team and win a very large possible amount of money as your team performance. This was a very unique idea for IPL and was also very different and new. Earlier there was not a single sports fantasy app like Dream 11 but suddenly dream 11 came and made their own space during the Indian Premier League. Dream 11 is an Indian fantasy sports app that allows users to play daily fantasy sports matches and win money from it.

Founders of Dream 11 are Harsh Jain and Bhavit Sheth. They found Dream 11 in 2008 and started fantasy sports in India for cricket fans. The popularity of Dream 11 was growing up day by day. You can see this in the number of users of Dream 11 over so many years. Dream 11 was had 1 Million users in 2014 which grew up to 2 Million in 2016. In 2018 Dream 11 reported 45 Million users on their platform. Dream 11 headquarters are in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It had over 600 employees. After this level of popularity of Dream 11, there are various investors who came ahead to invest in Dream 11. Some of them are Steadview Capitals, Kalaari Capital, Think Investments, Tencent.

IPL Dream 11 Team Prediction 2021

IPL 2021: Dream11 Team Bhavishyavani Prediction
April 9, FridayMI Vs RCB 7:30 PM ChennaiRCB
April 10, SaturdayCSK Vs DC 7:30 PM MumbaiDC
April 11, SundaySRH Vs KKR7:30 PM ChennaiKKR
April 12, MondayRR Vs PBKS7:30 PM MumbaiPBKS
April 13, TuesdayKKR Vs MI7:30 PM ChennaiMI
April 14, WednesdaySRH Vs RCB7:30 PM ChennaiRCB
April 15, Thursday RR Vs DC7:30 PM MumbaiRR
April 16, FridayPBKS Vs CSK7:30 PM MumbaiCSK
April 17, SaturdayMI Vs SRH7:30 PM ChennaiMI
April 18, SundayRCB Vs KKR3:30 PM ChennaiRCB
April 18, SundayDC Vs PBKS7:30 PM MumbaiDC
April 19, MondayCSK Vs RR7:30 PM MumbaiCSK
April 20, TuesdayDC Vs MI7:30 PM ChennaiDC
April 21, WednesdayPBKS Vs SRH3:30 PM ChennaiSRH
April 21, WednesdayKKR Vs CSK7:30 PM MumbaiCSK
April 22, ThursdayRCB Vs RR7:30 PM MumbaiRCB
April 23, FridayPBKS Vs MI7:30 PM ChennaiPBKS
April 24, Saturday RR Vs KKR7:30 PM MumbaiRR
April 25, SundayCSK Vs RCB3:30 PM MumbaiCSK
April 25, SundaySRH Vs DC7:30 PM ChennaiDC
April 26, Monday PBKS Vs KKR7:30 PM AhmedabadKKR
April 27, TuesdayDC Vs RCB7:30 PM AhmedabadRCB
April 28, WednesdayCSK Vs SRH7:30 PM DelhiCSK
April 29, Thursday MI Vs RR3:30 PM DelhiMI
April 29, ThursdayDC Vs KKR7:30 PM AhmedabadDC
April 30, FridayPBKS Vs RCB7:30 PM AhmedabadPBKS
1 May 2021MI Vs CSK7:30pmDelhiMI
2 May 2021RR Vs SRH7:30pmDelhiRR
2 May 2021PBKS Vs DC7:30pmAhmedabadDC
3 May 2021KKR Vs RCB7:30pmAhmedabadPostpone
19 Sep 2021CSK Vs MI7:30pmDubaiCSK
20 Sep 2021KKR Vs RCB7:30pmAbu DhabiKKR
21 Sep 2021PBKS Vs RR7:30pmDubaiRR
22 Sep 2021DC Vs SRH7:30pmDubaiDC
23 Sep 2021MI VS KKR7:30pmAbu DhabiKKR
24 Sep 2021RCB VS CSK7:30pmSharjahCSK
25 Sep 2021DC VS RR3:30pmAbu DhabiDC
25 Sep 2021SRH VS PBKS7:30pmSharjahPBKS
26 Sep 2021CSK Vs KKR3:30pmAbu DhabiCSK
26 Sep 2021RCB VS MI7:30pmDubaiRCB
27 Sep 2021SRH VS RR7:30pmDubaiSRH
28 Sep 2021KKR Vs DC3:30pmSharjahKKR
28 Sep 2021MI Vs PBKS7:30pmAbu DhabiMI
29 Sep 2021RR Vs RCB7:30pmDubaiRCB
30 Sep 2021SRH Vs CSK7:30pmSharjahCSK
1 Oct 2021KKR Vs PBKS7:30pmDubaiPBKS
2 Oct 2021MI VS DC3:30pmSharjahDC
2 Oct 2021RR VS CSK7:30pmAbu DhabiRR
3 Oct 2021RCB VS PBKS3:30pmSharjahRCB
3 Oct 2021KKR VS SRH7:30pmDubaiKKR
4 Oct 2021DC VS CSK7:30pmDubaiDC
5 Oct 2021RR VS MI7:30pmSharjahMI
6 Oct 2021RCB VS SRH7:30pmAbu DhabiSRH
7 Oct 2021CSK VS PBKS3:30pmDubaiPBKS
7 Oct 2021KKR VS RR7:30pmSharjahKKR
8 Oct 2021SRH VS MI7:30pmAbu DhabiMI
8 Oct 2021RCB VS DC7:30pmDubaiRCB
10 Oct 2021DC VS CSK7:30pmDubaiCSK
11 Oct 2021RCB VS KKR7:30pmSharjahCheck Here
13 Oct 2021Qualifier 27:30pmSharjahUpdated Soon
15 Oct 2021Final7:30pmDubaiUpdated Soon

IPL 2021 Dream 11 Team Prediction Today Match

IPL Dream11 Team Prediction 2021

Our website is one the most trusted website for prediction. As we know IPL 2021 edition has started it is one of the greatest cricket events in sports history. But IPL is getting popular over days and days. The reason behind its fame is the opportunities. IPL gives chances to the players to make their name in history but it also gives chances to the fans. The chances to try their luck and make them richer. That’s why IPL is getting famous so much.

IPL has started and fans are going to make their luck. They visit the sites of prediction to confirm some of the doubts about matches and players. And this site is the best prediction site of all time. For match prediction, Toss Prediction and Dream 11 Team Prediction. We provide the prediction for every match of IPL with 100% of surety. This makes us #1 all over the other sites of Match Prediction.

In this post, we will provide you IPL Dream 11 Team Prediction Today Match, in which we will discuss Today IPL Match Prediction for the Dream 11 Team. If you have any doubt related to the team who is going to win the Today IPL Match on Dream 11 then don’t worry we will provide you just the accurate team for the Dream 11 Team for Today IPL Match.

Dream11 Make Your Own Team Now | IPL Bhavishyavani 2021

If you are a true lover of cricket and a regular fan of the Indian Premier League then you must know about dream 11. Dream 11 provides a very unique and new platform for multiple sports including cricket, football, basketball, hockey, etc. But Dream 11 is best known for cricket and the Indian Premier League. It is an online game in which users create a virtual team of players. They earn points as their team and players win and make money from the points.

Every year IPL brings a lot of fans to Dream 11 and they make the maximum possible amount of money. And here we will provide you with Dream 11 Team Prediction Astrology IPL 2021. We will give you Dream 11 Prediction for IPL 2021 just like previous years with a 100% guarantee. We had a team of astrologists and Cricket Experts. They are the teams by whom you are getting a quality of information over so many years. If you have any doubt related to the Dream 11 Team of IPL 2021 you can ask about it.

Our Astrologist and Cricket Experts are constantly working on the prediction of IPL over so many years. And now we are producing these predictions for you.

IPL Final Dream11 Team Prediction Report

Dream 11 Team Prediction Astrology IPL 2021

IPL is the tournament, that comes every year with new players, setups, and sponsors. But the one thing which remains the same is the numbers of the teams. Like every season there are 8 teams participating in the Indian Premier League.  Most of the team are still the same as 2020 but some changed their name and some changed their logo. Teams Participating in IPL 2021 are –

  1. Chennai Super Kings
  2. Mumbai Indians
  3. Royal Challengers Bangalore
  4. Sunrisers Hyderabad
  5. Kolkata Knight Riders
  6. Rajasthan Royals
  7. Delhi Capitals
  8. Punjab Kings

Each team is set up with the best players and strategies. Every team had the best leading captains and batsmen, bowlers, and all-rounders. So there would be very interesting clashes between each and every team.

Conclusion For IPL 2021 Dream 11 Team Prediction Bhavishyavani

There is a total of 60 matches in the Tournament which will finish from 9th April to 30 May. Some days there are two matches in a single day but most of the time there is only one match at once in the Indian Premier League 2021 Cricket Tournament. So there are a large number of possibilities to the fan for wining the maximum possible amount of money from the Dream 11. You can try your luck various times as you can. And we will provide you the predictions for all matches of the Indian Premier League including Dream 11 team prediction.

We are giving you an IPL Dream 11 Team Prediction Whatsapp group link number. So you can interact with us and find true and accurate information about IPL 2021 Dream 11 Team Prediction. We hope we mentioned every bit of information related to the Dream 11 Team Prediction. Thank you for visiting us.


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